Skarbek Law Offices is excited to announce that we have merged our landlord-tenant and eviction practice with the Law Offices of Todd Rothbard.  Since 1975, Todd Rothbard has been the Bay Area’s leading authority on eviction issues – handling over 100,000 evictions for commercial and residential landlords.  This merger opens the door for our clients to greater expertise, more responsive customer service and better pricing.

You can see the Law Offices of Todd Rothbard site here.

You can contact us at the same phone numbers and email addresses.

Services for Restaurant Owners are still offered through Skarbek Law Offices, including:

If you have any questions about what we can do for your business, contact us.

Eviction Lawyer Services

Skarbek Law Offices is your eviction lawyer. We are dedicated to serving the legal interests of landlords and income property owners whose property is in Santa Clara County, Alameda County and San Mateo County. We are committed to providing eviction lawyer services at an aggressive pace, in order to restore possession as soon as possible, and at an extremely low and competitive price.

Eviction Process

Most evictions in California depend on an initial eviction notice demanding that the tenant do something or stop doing something or, in the alternative, vacate. Eviction cases are called “Unlawful Detainer” cases. An Unlawful Detainer case is fast. Usually, the defendant has 5 days to file a response. You can have a trial 20 days after that.

Restaurant Lawyer Services

Besides Eviction Attorney Services, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the restaurant industry and with the legal needs restaurant owners face, including: Corporation and LLC formation, tax planning, tax preparation, audit defense, employment law compliance and litigation, Labor Board, employee lawsuits and full HR services / HR planning.